The traits of compassion, mercy, generosity, trustworthiness are consequential of Tazkiyah’s mission. 

Tazkiyah Peace partners is a new organization that builds partnerships around the world based on the principles of peace and human rights.

Education in Islam

Education and Islam. The first word revealed to Prophet Muhammad was “Iqra” which means to Read! To seek knowledge.  We at Tazkiyah believe that this is the core belief and commandment in Islam.  Through our work, we would li ke to teach Islam in the context of other religious points of views to Muslims.  Workshops, training , and interfaith work will create a new and compassionate group of leaders who are both from the civic society and leaders of nonprofit and for -profit organizations.

Interreligious Training 

For all leaders civic and non civic. This program is tapered to any denomination and group.  We at Tazkiyah believe that interfaith and religious understanding can build bridges and peace amongst many challenging situations. Through week-long training for participants, we provide deep sensitive and challenging issues to heal the wounds of the past and create a better future for all. Contact us for a training session.

Women & Faith

The issue of women’s rights in Islam has been a contentious area of debate both in the Muslim world and in non-Muslim countries.  Muslim women are caught in multiple ways between Islamophobia and Islamic governments that do not recognize their agency or their freedom. Tazkiyah focuses on empowerment of all women of all faiths.  For example, women have been perceived as insignificant or prohibited from religious leadership, prayer and religious education.  We believe that Islam and other traditions teach as the Qur’an explicitly states that men and women are equal i n the eyes of God. Furthermore, the Quran: forbids female infanticide (practiced in pre-Islamic Arabia and other parts of the world) instructs Muslims to educate daughters as well as sons. Tazkiyah seeks women of faith who would like to gain some leadership skills and exchange ideas with women of different faiths to better be prepared for leadership. 

Holocaust and Genocide Education

In Islam, it is very clear that killing is completely forbidden.  The Qur’an in no way justifies murder; it unequivocally states, “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:32). Such acts of violence are condemned in the Quran and by the Prophet Muhammad time and time again.  At Tazkiyah we develop programs that teach about the danger of genocide to a mixed faith audience to educate and elucidate the deep and profound pain and suffering that religious and racial intolerance can have for a population. If you need a curriculum for a faith based audience or a school please reach out to us for a consultation. 


TPP aims to cultivate people’s consciousness through education and morality.

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